1. Will the house be very messy after carrying out paint job?

No, Before each paint job, all furniture is handled and moved carefully. Plastic sheets will be placed on furniture and floors to ensure no stains and will then be moved back to the original position after completion.

2. Will I need to be around to monitor the whole painting process?

No, there is no requirement for the client to be around for the entire process. However, if you are more at ease, please feel free to do so. Your comfort is important to us.

3. Will it take very long to finish a paint job?

We will ensure that all paint jobs will finish as per scheduled.

4. How much paint is needed for a room?

Each room will require at least 2 coats of paint to bring the best colour out. Per room will require around 2 cans of 5L paint. If the colour of your current wall is of a dark tone and the colour that you will be choosing is of a lighter tone, sealant is required beforehand.